Romberg, Mortiz Heinrich von

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Mortiz Heinrich von, German physician, 1795-1873.
facial hemiatrophy of Romberg - Synonym(s): Romberg syndrome
Romberg disease - facial hemiatrophy.
Romberg sign - a sign of sensory ataxia if a patient standing with heels touching cannot maintain balance on closing eyes. Synonym(s): rombergism; Romberg symptom (1); Romberg test; station test
Romberg symptom - Synonym(s): (1) Romberg sign; (2) Romberg-Howship symptom.
Romberg syndrome - atrophy, usually progressive, affecting the tissues of one side of the face. Synonym(s): facial hemiatrophy of Romberg; Romberg trophoneurosis
Romberg test - Synonym(s): Romberg sign
Romberg trophoneurosis - Synonym(s): Romberg syndrome
Romberg-Howship symptom - in cases of incarcerated obturator hernia, lancinating pains along the inner side of the thigh to the knee, or down the leg to the foot; caused by compression of the obturator nerve. Synonym(s): Romberg symptom (2)
rombergism - Synonym(s): Romberg sign
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