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It is interpreted as the Romberg test (Cordun, 2009, p.
When Romberg sticks to making abstract paintings, however, he achieves a dramatic intensity and moody power that is as emotionally resonant and intellectually complex as an old-master painting.
I have heard this term employed jokingly in reference to self or others--with some of the pride and empowerment that Romberg describes as common, in some social circles, in Puerto Rico.
The dramas that Romberg documents evoke the "pragmatics of brujeria" as she strives to illustrate how healing manifests itself in the ritualistic process and how a participant's emotions, body, and self-knowledge are transformed by these magical rituals whether they are spirit-based or "brujeria.
This task is one Romberg handles masterfully, additionally drawing connections to Puerto Rican communities on the mainland United States and to the processes of globalization and modernization more generally.
Parry Romberg syndrome with migraine and intracranial aneurysm.
Traditional static posturography is based on Romberg test, which means that two exams are executed--with eyes open and then with eyes closed.
Romberg added that the additional sanctions may give Washington more leverage in any talks.
La fecundidad encontrada fue inferior a la reportada por Romberg (1998) de 385.
Romberg, PhD, Give an Hour puts servicemembers and their families in touch with licensed mental health counselors, who agree to provide one hour per week of mental health support or treatment at no charge, for a minimum of one year.
Everett was awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Best Research in Recorded Classical Music category for Sigmund Romberg (Yale University Press).
Barbara Van Dahlen Romberg, the founder and president.