Dimitri L., Russian physician, 1861-1921. See: Romanowsky blood stain.
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Both organisms can be identified on routine cytologic Pap and Romanowsky stains.
Weve developed a machine learning algorithm that allows us to represent the ozone layer as an interactive element in the model, and in so doing, to reflect the interactions from the stratosphere and ozone layer, says first author and AWI atmospheric researcher Erik Romanowsky. With the new model system we can now realistically reproduce the observed changes in the jet stream.
Those cases referred to the department of pathology, with clinical suspicion, were subjected to peripheral smear study by standard Romanowsky stains first, mainly by Leishman's stain and a presumptive diagnosis was made.
"The chemical composition of a galaxy provides a record of the ambient conditions when it was formed, like the way that trace elements in the human body can reveal a lifetime of eating habits and exposure to pollutants," co-author Aaron Romanowsky, a UCO astronomer and Associate Professor of the Physics and Astronomy Department at San Jose State University, said.
The main methods that result in good staining include Giemsa, Leishman, Shorr's, or other Romanowsky type stains (Cora et al., 2015).
The slides were air-dried, and two of them were stained with the Romanowsky stain (Quick Giemsa) for a ROSE of obtained samples for adequacy, as well as preliminary diagnosis.
Leishman-Giemsa Cocktail, An Effective Romanowsky stain for air dried cytologic smears.
On Para Grande Lane, near the base of Cold Spring Creek, Boris Romanowsky, 59, shook his head Wednesday as he surveyed the damage.
Los hematies pueden ser observados mediante el microscopio a partir de tecnicas de tincion como son las de Wright y Romanowsky [5].
(a) Wright-Giemsa stain; (b) Romanowsky stain; (c) Papanicolaou stain, 400x.