Dimitri L., Russian physician, 1861-1921. See: Romanowsky blood stain.
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A blood smear was made on arrival of the blood sample at the laboratory and was processed with a Romanowsky stain by using an automatic slide stainer (Aerospray Stat, Wescor, Logan, UT, USA) then counterstained in Giemsa stain solution (EMD Chemicals, Gibbstown, NJ, USA).
Slides of the peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates were stained using Romanowsky and May-Grunwald Giemsa (MGG) stains respectively; the trephine biopsy was decalcified, fixed, embedded in wax, cut, trimmed and stained using haematoxylin and eosin (H&E), MGG and reticulin stains.
One contributing factor was that students often failed to take moral education programs seriously, dismissing them as oversimplifications and misrepresentations of real-life issues and character traits (Brimi, 2009; Romanowsky, 2003).
You can see the smaller galaxy coming in and getting shredded, eventually leaving its stars scattered through the halo of the host galaxy," said Aaron Romanowsky, a research astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and coauthor of the paper.
Scanlon GC, Moeller-Betram T, Romanowsky SM, Wallace MS.
While all these theories now seem bizarre, at the time the viable nature of red cells had not been established since fixatives often leached the hemoglobin out of red cells until stains were introduced by Ehrlich and Romanowsky.
Scanlon GC, Moeller-Bertram T, Romanowsky SM, Wallace MS.
In this room in 1890 Romanowsky described a stain for separating the features of the cell.
In an e-mail response to an NCR inquiry, Crisis spokesperson Zoe Romanowsky said that "there are White House briefings throughout the year for Catholics [and other groups]" which are often scheduled when people are in town for other events.
The first evidence for the responsibility of Ehrlichia species in humans with an acute febrile illness was provided by examining blood smears stained with a Romanowsky stain, in which these as-yet-uncultivated organisms could be observed forming intracytoplasmic morulae within leukocytes (6,7).