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C., 20th-century Italian physician. See: Romano-Ward syndrome.
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Ray Romano takes to the road to find out in "95 Miles to Go," an engaging crazy-quit of comedy performance pic, cinema-verite docu and shambling shaggy dog story.
Romano had been 17 in the closing days of the war when news broke that Il Duce and his mistress Clara Petacci were hanging upside down from a girder in Milan, killed by partisans.
Evaluating the performance of Will Smith in Ali (2001), Romano states, "And while Smith failed to master all of the aspects of Ali's mercurial and often contradictory nature, he realized the importance of capturing Ali's voice--its rhythm, its tone, and its cadence" (9).
Ademas, se establece en los canones que el romano pontifice obtiene la potestad plena y suprema en la Iglesia mediante la eleccion legitima por el aceptada, juntamente con la consagracion episcopal.
Partner said on Thursday (3 February) Romano will remain in his post until 1 April 2005 and then he will replace Amos Shapira as CEO of Israel's national carrier.
Customers can give digital images to FedEx Kinko's, which will print personalized photo calendars, Romano notes, and that type of production technically belongs in the photo industry.
Romano Prodi, outgoing President of the EU Commission, will reportedly visit Finland during the next weekend for talks with the Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen.
The heart of the book is an analysis of commentaries on the Ethics by Italian scholars who taught in the universities of Florence, Padua, Bologna, and Rome, and in the Jesuit Collegio Romano.
As Romano argues, for all the "strides" American society has made "in lessening the taboo against interracial relationships," this taboo--has been "eroded" rather than "erased.
At his arraignment last month, Romano pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted murder and was sent to the county jail without bail.
Ray Romano - who is a virtual unknown in this country - will earn more than pounds 30million for the eighth series of his show Everybody Loves Raymond - the most popular comedy show on US TV.