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C., 20th-century Italian physician. See: Romano-Ward syndrome.
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But, as Mr Romani concludes, "BRI-supporting institutions such as the EBRD play a crucial role in translating China's vision into actions that are aligned with the principles they outline, and to help local economies benefit from it.
A private news channel reported that Mirza Azeem Baig Chughtai was known in literary circles by his pen name Shabnam Romani.
Last week, he and a few dozen Israelis met in Jerusalem for the inaugural meeting of The Jewish-Gypsy Forum, which also attracted 60 French Romani tourists who traveled to town especially for the occasion.
The Romani have always had some reservations concerning people
Romani stressed that the delegation will brief the Italian Senate about the reality of what they saw in Damascus and the normal life they experienced across different Syrian cities where people live without fear, as well as the Syrians' future expectations and ambitions.
Mattia Romani will join him to talk about opportunities for Kazakhstan and the region arising from the China-led Belt and Road Initiative.
No outono de 2012, a revista feminista norte-americana Signs Journal of Women in Culture and Society publicou um dossie--"Comparative Perspective Symposium: Romani Feminisms"--editado pela academica e militante cigana norteamericana Ethel Brooks.
The following pages will concern a group of derivatives in two Romani varieties, France and Piedmont Piedmontese Sinti.
Dans la nuit du 14 au 15 janvier 2011, six prisonniers sont morts lors des evenements survenus dans la prison et que le directeur de la prison de l'epoque, Faycal Romani, a ete arrete en juin 2012, en tant que premier accuse dans cette affaire avec trois autres agents, qui, eux, sont en etat de liberteAa
Founded by Tim Romani in 2004, ICON manages the development, design, and construction of sports, entertainment, and public assembly facilities worldwide.
Menyhert Lakatos is acclaimed as Hungary's foremost Romani author, and his novel Fustos kepek, translated by Ann Major as The Color of Smoke, is considered to be his magnum opus.
An earlier book edited by Anton Weiss-Wendt was Murder Without Hatred: Estonians and the Holocaust (Syracuse, 2009), but he omits the H-word from the title under review here, referring instead to the Romani Genocide.