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C., 20th-century Italian physician. See: Romano-Ward syndrome.
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Claiming that all other political parties started to talk about Romani rights after the AK Party supported them, Davutoy-lu called on main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kylycdaroy-lu to apologize to the Romani people for the Settlement Law.
In the second part of the book (Chapters 3 and 4), Romani takes on Giovanni Verga's "Storia di una capinera" (1869) and Matilde Serao's epistolary fictions to demonstrate that these important literary figures practiced literature in epistolary form and recurred to the same themes and linguistic choices found in letters, epistolary manuals and newspaper articles disguised as letters to produce a message of shared national sentiment.
The author, Carol Silverman, is a cultural anthropologist who has been researching Romani culture since the 1970s.
15) Despite the lead given by the Diccionario in 1869 and this rather striking evolution in definitions, there has been no scholarly inquiry into the possibilty of Arabic/Moorish or Romani (gypsy) influence--pre- and post-1450, respectively, one might say--on the word tango or the dance it designates.
aThere were also long delays in the judicial system; reports of abuse of wiretapping; violence and discrimination against women; violence against children; anti-Semitic vandalism; discrimination against members of the Romani and Turkish ethnic minorities; trafficking in persons; and discrimination against persons with disabilities, against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons, and those with HIV/AIDS,a the report says.
Turkish Romani solo women's dance, a technically challenging art form that uses subtle torso and shoulder movements, is the subject of this workshop.
The heart of this exciting documentary is the sacred ceremony itself, where the effigy of the Romani patron Saint Sarah and the Christian Saints Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome are lowered into the church on vines garlanded with flowers to the cry of “Vive Sainte Sara.
Despite their beginnings, the size of the Romani population now rivals that of several countries, including Greece, Portugal, and Belgium, the Daily Mail reported.
Crefftwyr lleol o Flaenannerch, ger Aberteifi, sydd wedi dylunio ac adeiladu'r Varda Romani traddodiadol y bydd Ifan a Shn yn teithio ynddi.
Romani communities throughout Western, Eastern and Southeast European countries experience poverty, socio-economic marginalization with additional increasing intolerance and discrimination by the majority population.
From morning to night, the Club Cala Romani offers guests a wide range of sports and activities including tennis, table tennis, archery, volleyball, squash and pool games.
Romani, who called on Karzai at the Presidential Palace, said the map had been prepared and studied by a technical expert team from Italy, a statement issued from the Karzai's spokesman office said.