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Lipid Assessment Trial in an Italian Network. A trial designed to assess the variation in total serum cholesterol during the course of MI with respect to infarct size and C-reactive protein level
Conclusion Variations in total serum cholesterol were more pronounced in patients with larger infarcts
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Toward the end of the play, for instance, Cleopatra adopts a consciously Roman language when dealing with Caesar: "all the world; 'tis yours, and we, / Your scutcheons and your signs of conquest" (5.
The statistics associated with the conversion process are remarkable: Nearly 49 percent of the catalog is Non-English, and every Roman language plus Greek, Cyrillic, Slavonic and Hebrew is represented: a total of 40 different represented: a total of 40 different languages.
Mnemosyne supplements; monographs on Greek and Roman language and literature; v.