rolling circle

roll·ing cir·cle

a mechanism for the replication of circular DNA.
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The method identifies proteins on individual exosomes using micrometer-sized, uniquely tagged single-stranded DNA clusters generated by rolling circle amplification.
The DNA ligation products that form can be amplified and detected by real-time PCR or by means of rolling circle amplification (RCA) (12).
The PCR positive samples were used for further amplification and the cloning of full length viral genomes were amplified by rolling circle amplification using phi 29 polymerase enzyme (Haible et al., 2006).
Other immunohistochemistry techniques include Avidin-Biotin Complex (ABC), Polymer based detection, tyramide or catalysed signal amplification, and rolling circle amplification (REF7).
Lead paper author, Shyam Sundhar Bale, noted that the assay is in part developed on the sensitivity of Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA), and is created to be modular so it can be applied to any other antigen-antibody pair without requiring much modification.
The researchers used an RNA synthesis method known as rolling circle transcription to produce extremely long strands of RNA made up of a repeating sequence of 21 nucleotides.
Other topics include hybrid nanorods made from sequences of natural trimeric fibrous proteins using the fibritin trimerization motif, the Leucine zipper as a building block for self assembled protein fibers, biomimetic synthesis of biomorphic nanostructures, synthesis and primary characterization of self assembled peptide-based hydrogels,and the assembly of nanospecies on repetitive DNA sequences generated on gold nanoparticles by rolling circle amplification.
Several excellent chapters describe the uses of Phi29 DNA polymerase and of applications using isothermal rolling circle amplification.
Only five years old, rolling circle amplification technology (RCAT) has become an important addition to many types of labs.
But this is what the In Situ Rolling Circle Amplification (IRCA) technology can do with one test.
Using a technology called Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) and a DNA polymerase licensed exclusively to Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, the new TempliPhi method provides a cost-effective alternative to growing bacteria and purifying the template prior to sequencing.