Alexander, Austrian physiologist, 1834-1903. See: Rollet stroma, Ritter-Rollet phenomenon.
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Vincent and Grenada (Adams, 1997; Rollet, 2010; Acevedo-Rodriguez & Strong, 2016).
The Games category, too, had a variety of cool entries -- from the Algerian team Xerise's Kyo: Dark Request, featuring a ninja chasing his lost memories in a moody B&W world, to Jordanian team Fayer's simple yet engaging Rollet which is all about a Rolling-Rocket that needs to be manoeuvred through pitfalls.
DOHA, April 1 (KUNA) -- President of the Federation International des Vأ[c]hicules Ancienne -- or Federation of Classic Cars -- (FIVA), Patrick Rollet, touted on Friday his organization's close ties with Kuwait Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum.
Farmers are at the bottom of the chain, and they're not getting any richer, thus they don't see a future in cocoa," says Edouard Rollet, co-CEO of Alter Eco, a fair-trade company in San Francisco, California, that works with cocoa growers in Latin America.
Inventec global managing director Patrice Rollet called the deal "a critical step in expanding our presence across North America.
Menezo YJ, Hazout A, Panteix G, Robert F, Rollet J, Cohen-Bacrie P, et al.
En Espana, tambien se asento, poco a poco, esta nueva mentalidad, siguiendo las recomendaciones realizadas en el marco de los congresos internacionales (Perdiguero, 2004; Rollet, 2001).
Emma's regard for her unborn child is described as having been "impaired from the start" (74): such maternal reluctance is perhaps more concretely realized in Emma's refusal to provide physical nurturance to her infant, choosing instead to consign Berthe to the poor wet nurse, Mere Rollet, who takes care of her charges in a wretched hovel at the edge of town.
1,2) The term mucocele was first used by Rollet in 1896, and its histological examination was reported by Onodi in 1901.
Rollet (1974) distinguishes six types of diametric distribution for the species of rainforest, relating them to the different light requirements of each species, and states that the species categories of sub grove species in exponential balance (with large amplitude variation of DBH) represent almost 90% of species with DBH more than 10 cm, then the species category with abundant regeneration and balance, so called builders forest.