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engaging in enjoyable, recreational activity.
acting or behaving in a specified way.
role playing a technique used in family therapy and group therapy, particularly psychodrama, in which members of the group act out the behavior of others in specific roles in order to recognize the roles and to clarify role responses and choices.

role playing

a psychotherapeutic technique in which a person acts out a real or simulated situation as a means of understanding intrapsychic conflicts.
(1) The voluntary and conscious adoption of a particular role—e.g., a child adopting the role of parent under another person—e.g., a psychotherapist. Role playing provides insight on how the person playing the role perceives other person(s), and a window through which the person playing the role may see the other person’s vantage
(2) An integrated behaviour and repertoire of responses that is learned and automatic which reflects a person’s function in a situation

role playing,

n in behavioral medicine, learning exercise in which individuals assume characters different from their own. The individual may also be asked to simulate a particularly difficult situation and apply the characteristics that are common to his or her assumed role. The purpose of the exercise is to provide a strategy for coping with a difficult circumstance.

Patient discussion about role playing

Q. I was shocked to note that genes play a vital role in building muscles Is this possible? I am , 20 years old. I am always dreaming to build muscle like my favorite hero who maintains 8 abs. Anybody can dream but to live that dream is a difficult task. Out of curiosity, I had discussed my desire to build muscles with my friends. But I was shocked to note that genes play a vital role in building muscles. My family doesn’t have a history of muscles and this fact has put me in to a difficult situation. Is this possible…If so, how can I live my dream? If the family doesn’t have a history of muscle growth, then what happens to the generation which follows them? I need a positive feedback to my query……

A. there's a genetic potential for fitness, like there is a genetic connection and potential for inelegance. but no matter how smart are your parents- if you won't study you won't live that potential, and some one who doesn't have that genetic ability and will study- will be better. the same thing with physical fitness.

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It was found that tension in role play was much higher.
I have been fortunate enough to work with several teams where the manager makes role play an integral part of a weekly sales meeting.
Whoever is running the role play needs to quickly intercede and move on.
As a faculty member in an Adult and Higher Education Graduate Program in a 4-year institution located in a rural environment, I decided that our program would provide a good arena to explore combining role play and peer assessment.
In an attempt to convert the activity to an assessment technique, in subsequent semesters I tried grading the role play of each student.
The remaining pages included the observer assessment sheet, the self-assessment sheet, the role play scenarios, and, finally, the student evaluation of the project.
Portraying a particular character and channeling that person fosters more creativity and involves people more in the role play.
My favorite way to debrief a role play is the "Liked Best/ Next Time" technique.
ROLE PLAYS ARE IN MY OPINION ONE OF THE MOST effective and underutilized training tools in existence.
For the past six years the role play has been used as an educational vehicle in various school health projects.
Students who volunteer to participate are brought to the front of the class and given role play scripts.
The LEGO Batman product line replicates the collectible craze the company created around its best-selling LEGO Harry Potter(TM) series - where sets are designed to be combined to further the storyline and role play opportunities.

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