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In Vienna, he worked with Karl von Rokitansky's Pathology-Anatomy Institute, followed by an appointment as an assistant physician in 1831, full physician in 1841, and in 1846, professor of clinical medicine in the Internal Department of the K.
Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Sripradha Sudarsanam, specialist paediatrician overseeing the patient, said: "Cases of ovaries being absent along with other reproductive organs [Meyer Rokitansky Syndrome] are common, but absence of ovaries alone has not been reported except for the Turkey case.
Although Carl Freiherr von Rokitansky described the scientific and histological aspects of endometriosis in 1860 (2), the disease was considered as an ambiguous disorder along with unclear pathology till about 1.5 century later (1).
Surprisingly, these forensic dissections appeared before the hospital autopsies that started by the end of the 19th century with Rokitansky, Virchow, and the advent of the pathogenesis of diseases and cellular pathology.
Autopsy was conducted by modified Rokitansky's method of in situ dissection in part and en masse removal.
Appendiceal mucocele was first described in 1842 by Rokitansky (12).
It was first reported by Rokitansky, Luschka, and Wilks in the 19th century (1-4).
Of the classic autopsy techniques identified by the College of American Pathologists, four are most often used: Virchow, Rokitansky, Ghon and Letulle.
The Rokitansky nodule, a common feature of dermoid cysts, is a solid protuberance projecting into the cavity and demonstrates particularly dense collections of germ layer derivatives.
The mucocele of the appendix was first described as a pathological entity in 1842 by Karel Rokitansky (5).
Karl Von Rokitansky (1804-1878), anatomopatologo austriaco de origen checo; quien inicialmente hace descripciones de esta rara patologia en 1842 (4).
Endometriosis was first described by Rokitansky in 1860 and it indicates the presence of ectopic growth of endometrial gland and stroma with specific histologic features.