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(1) A website that engages in questionable or unethical practices—which may be shut down by authorities in one state, only to re-open shortly thereafter in another state
(2) A popular term for an internet-based pharmacy that is essentially a 'front' from which narcotics, antidepressants, stimulants, steroids, and even counterfeit drugs are marketed
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[17.] Nikbakhsh, S., Zamani, M., Abdul Manaf, A., Janbeglou, M.: A Novel Approach for Rogue Access Point Detection on the Client Side.
Monitoring also verifies that authentication and encryption are being used according to policy by detecting rogue access points, Adhoc station configurations, unintentional associations with neighboring networks, or malicious attempts to disable or circumvent the VPN firewall.
Wavelink's rogue access point detection offering is the only one of its kind that does not require special equipment or a dedicated effort from an IT administrator.
Additionally, it needed complete 802.11a/b/g coverage throughout the corporate facility, multilevel security to address user authentication, rogue access point detection, encryption and policy management.
The concept means that the SSA can be added to existing laptops or even desktop PCs deployed around the enterprise (just add a USB wireless adapter), and a battery of performance tests can be scheduled to run periodically, along with continuous detection for rogue access points..
"Ruckus also has tools that do a background scan and allow me to see any rogue access points," he explains.
This tool can also detect rogue access points. Ekahau
The leading practices include the following: (1) comprehensive policies requiring secure encryption and establishing usage restrictions, implementation practices, and access controls; (2) a risk-based approach for wireless deployment and monitoring; (3) a centralized wireless management structure that is integrated with the management of the existing wired network; (4) configuration requirements for wireless networks and devices; (5) incorporation of wireless and mobile device security in training; (6) use of encryption, such as a virtual private network for remote access; (7) continuous monitoring for rogue access points and clients; and (8) regular assessments to ensure wireless networks are secure.
The data can be used to detect rogue access points, radio interferers, and a variety of RF performance issues.
To prevent wireless users from unintentionally connecting to rogue access points, or using devices that are not secured and managed in compliance with IS standards, policy prohibits any other group within the university to install, attach or deploy wireless hardware or software.
EV-DO "does not suffer from many of the security vulnerabilities that plague IEEE 802.11 or Bluetooth networks," Wright says, so concerns over rogue access points may become a thing of the past.
"We were caught a little bit by surprise by the number of rogue access points that had been plugged in." In some cases, his staff would receive complaints about network slowdowns at a school; on investigating, they would find as many as 10 Wi-Fi hotspots that had been installed without the IT department's knowledge.