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Martha E. (died 1994). A leader in community health nursing, visiting lecturer, research associate, nursing educator, author, and developer of the science of unitary human beings, a conceptual model of nursing. She was a pioneer in the development of a body of knowledge that is specific and unique to nursing. This recognition of the need for an organized body of nursing knowledge was evident in her early writing on nursing education. Her goal was “to evolve a conceptual system that would give identity to nursing as a knowledgeable endeavor.”


(roj'ĕrz), Avoid the incorrect forms Roger and Roger's.
Oscar H., U.S. physician, 1857-1941. See: Rogers sphygmomanometer.

Rogers, Martha E.

Etymology: 1914-1994
a nurse theorist who developed the Science of Unitary Human Beings, a nursing theory introduced in 1970. The Rogers theory has strong ties to the general systems theory, with elements of a developmental model. It considers four "building blocks": Energy Fields, Universe of Open Systems, Pattern and Organization, and Four Dimensionality. Energy Fields refers to conceptualization of humans and their environment as matter or energy evidenced by wave patterns. Open Systems refers to views of persons as open systems who interact continuously with the environment. Pattern and Organization describes the way Energy Fields emerge, characterized by wave patterns. Four Dimensionality has been interpreted as a form of clairvoyance in which there is a "transcendence of time-space interaction," or an ability to transcend time to see into the future.