Anderson, Roger

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Roger, U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1891-1971.
Anderson splint - a skeletal traction splint.
Anderson tibial lengthening
Anderson traction bow
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Professor Roger Anderson is to be congratulated on becoming the latest expert optometrist to join the DVLA Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Visual Disorders and Driving (OT August 2018, page 12).
BioQuest, led by co-founder and managing partner Roger Anderson, is known for its expertise in recruiting boards of directors, CEOs and C-suite executives, along with key functional vice presidents.
She took up tennis at the age of six and has been coached by her father as well as Roger Anderson.
It's after 2pm and there's still no news," said American expat Roger Anderson, 64.
Roger Anderson, at the UK's National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Center at Moorfields Eye Hospital, have designed a new eye chart that can detect the first stages of changes in the eye's retina that can lead to AMD.
She recorded 608 assists on the season for coach Roger Anderson's squad that went 18-3, an average of 8.4 assists per set.
Roger Anderson, Technical Evangelist, speaks of Scavitron's global implications “At last the world has a process that can turn the environmental disaster of noxious mine drainage into acid-free, metal-free water.
TAQA has said that it has named Roger Anderson - a veteran of waste-to-energy developer Wheelabrator - as the technical manager for the waste-to-energy plant.
Taqa has appointed Roger Anderson as technical manager for Taqa's waste-to-energy plant.
Senior safety manager Roger Anderson highlighted, "Our approach is part of our ethos, 'safety first, second nature', which is a strategy we are rolling out across our global operations."