Macleod, Roderick

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Roderick, Scottish physician, 1795-1852.
Macleod rheumatism - rheumatoid arthritis with abundant serous effusion in the affected joints.
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In addition, Cabot announced the upcoming retirement of Roderick MacLeod from the board.
Roderick MacLeod, 45, told the court somebody provided him with a phone number for AaBella Escorts when he started working as a night manager for the George Hotel in Edinburgh in 2004.
WHEN Victorian vicar Roderick MacLeod was not working hard to save his parishioners' souls, he was enthusiastically capturing their lives on camera.
Van Horssen stresses the importance of community concerns in her analysis, as do Roderick MacLeod and Mary Anne Poutanen, in their discussion of a strike-like protest of Jewish students, outraged by a teacher's anti-Semitic remarks, at Montreal's Aberdeen School in 1913.
The case decided on by the Privy Council, the highest appeals court for UK overseas territories, involved Roderick MacLeod, 64, who has made an estimated 14m pounds fortune from cable television, and his wife Marcia, who is 22 years his junior.
World champion piper Roderick Macleod, from Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, was awarded a MBE by the Queen for services to piping.
Sheriff Roderick Macleod deferred sentence for background reports until May but ordered Kellock, who sat with his head bowed and appeared near to tears, to register as a sex offender.
PC Roderick Macleod, 35, claimed his car had been stolen after crashing into a tree during a row with his girlfriend.
Sheriff Roderick MacLeod accepted Ms Smith had not acted in a threatening way.
Sheriff Roderick MacLeod told O'Connor that he took into account "the catastrophic effect this has had on your life and will have for a long time to come".
Furnace Church of Scotland minister, Rev Roderick MacLeod, said the policeman's family was in everyone's thoughts.
Sheriff Roderick MacLeod said, as a serving police officer, McGinn was dutybound to uphold society's values and he had no option but to jail him.