nemaline myopathy

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any disease of a muscle. adj., adj myopath´ic.
centronuclear myopathy myotubular myopathy.
distal myopathy an autosomal dominant form of muscular dystrophy, appearing in two types. The first has onset in infancy, does not progress past adolescence, and is not incapacitating. The second has onset in adulthood and is called late distal hereditary myopathy. Called also distal muscular dystrophy.
glycolytic myopathy any metabolic myopathy resulting from a defect of glycolytic enzyme activity, marked by exercise intolerance and cramping, the accumulation of glycogen in muscle, and recurrent myoglobinuria.
late distal hereditary myopathy distal myopathy that sets in usually after age 40, does not affect life span and first affects the small muscles of the hands and feet and then spreads proximally.
metabolic myopathy myopathy due to disordered metabolism, usually caused by genetic defects or hormonal dysfunction.
mitochondrial myopathy any of a group of myopathies associated with an increased number of enlarged, often abnormal, mitochondria in muscle fibers, manifested by exercise intolerance, generalized weakness, lactic acidosis, infantile tetraparesis, ophthalmoplegia, and cardiac abnormalities.
myotubular myopathy a form marked by myofibers resembling the myotubules of early fetal muscle.
nemaline myopathy a congenital abnormality of myofibrils in which small threadlike fibers are scattered through the muscle fibers; marked by hypotonia and proximal muscle weakness.
ocular myopathy a slowly progressive form affecting the extraocular muscles, with ptosis and progressive immobility of the eyes.
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nem·a·line my·op·a·thy

congenital, nonprogressive muscle weakness most evident in the proximal muscles; named after the characteristic nemaline (threadlike) rods seen in the muscle cells composed of Z-band material. There are two forms, dominant [MIM*161800] caused by mutation in the tropomyosin-3 gene (TPM3) on 1q22-q23, and recessive [MIM*256030], that are clinically indistinguishable.
Synonym(s): rod myopathy
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nemaline myopathy

(nĕm′ə-līn′, -lĭn)
A usually nonprogressive congenital disorder characterized by muscle weakness especially in the face, neck, and trunk, and distinctive threadlike rods seen in muscle cells.
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nemaline myopathy

nemaline, Greek, rod-shaped A benign AD muscular dystrophy affecting 'floppy infants', characterized by non-progressive muscular weakness, ↓ deep tendon reflexes and hypotonicity, causing skeletal abnormalities, a typical facies–oval face, micrognathia, malocclusion, and a high arched palate, kyphoscoliosis, dislocation of hips and pes cavus; NM is compatible with a normal life span; 'nemaline' refers to the ultrastructural finding of rod-like Z-band material in both type I and type II myocytes. Cf Central core myopathy, Floppy infant syndrome.
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In this patient, the demonstration of chronic myopathic changes with a combination of nemaline rods and lobulated fibers in the quadriceps muscle supports the diagnosis of nemaline rod myopathy [8].
(2) The discussion of HIV-associated Nemaline Rod Myopathy in the medical literature is scarce, with only 13 published case reports prior to this one.
This case reports Nemaline Rod Myopathy as a presenting symptom of HIV.
Nemaline Rod Myopathy was the presenting disease of previously undiagnosed HIV infection in nearly all cases.
Effective treatment of HIV Nemaline Rod Myopathy has been anecdotal to this point.
As prevalence and incidence of HIV increases, the prevalence and incidence of Nemaline Rod Myopathy may also increase.
Progressive Nemaline Rod Myopathy in a Woman Coinfected with HIV-1 and HTLV-2.
Pathologic Diagnosis: Congenital Nemaline Rod Myopathy
The inheritance of nemaline rod myopathy has been identified through autosomal-dominant and -recessive means.[9] The autosomal-dominant form has been mapped to chromosome 1 and the autosomal-recessive form has been mapped to chromosome 2.
There is no curative treatment for nemaline rod myopathy. According to North et al,[1] management is aimed at preserving respiratory function and monitoring cardiac function and scoliosis.
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