Rockwell hardness test

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Rock·well hard·ness test

(rokwel hahrdnĕs test)
Common dental assessment to determine hardness of ductile materials using a hard ened steel ball or diamond point; hardness is related to depth of penetration and measured directly by the instrument.
See also: Brinell hardness test
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Galetto, Influence of the indenter shape in Rockwell hardness test," Proceedings of International Symposium on Advances in Hardness Measurement, HARDMEKO '98, Beijing, China (1998).
The complicated moving boundary problem in Rockwell hardness tests is simplified to an intermediate stationary one for a flat die indenter using principle of similarity and cumulative superposition approach.
Rockwell hardness test has been done for hardness measurement.
The Rockwell hardness test measures the depth of residual penetration by a steel or diamond cone under fixed load conditions.
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