Rocky Mountains

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Rocky Mountains,

mountain range in the United States and Canada.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever - an acute infectious disease of high mortality, characterized by frontal and occipital headache, intense lumbar pain, malaise, a moderately high continuous fever, and a rash on wrists, palms, ankles, and soles from the second to the fifth day, later spreading to all parts of the body. Synonym(s): Rickettsia
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Additionally, winter snow that falls in the Rockies and melts slowly throughout the spring and summer replenishes groundwater supplies in the plains and feeds the streams that eventually fill reservoir systems.
MOUNTAIN MAN: In the Grand Teton mountain range in Montana; GOLDEN CHANCE: In the Olympic cycling stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan; IN THE ROCKIES: Highest point - Hoosier Pass in the Rocky Mountains
Rockies starter Jeff Francis lasted just four innings, giving up six runs.
Litton said wryly that he was sort of relieved when the Rockies' historic streak of 21 wins in 22 games came to an abrupt end with four straight World Series losses to the Boston Red Sox.
There are some great Hostelling International hostels full of like-minded travellers from around the world who want to experience the beauty of the Rockies. They are easily booked and very good value for money.
Vaux, and Catharine Robb Whyte, while many lesser known women found the Rockies a haven and a challenge.
Grants to decrease violence against women, decrease adolescent suicide, expand Special Olympics and decrease the threat of bio-terrorism have all be done using the solution developed by the Computer Institute of the Rockies.
David Zuckerman, Boulder Beer's brew-master and vice president of operations, told the Boulder Daily Camera that the name change has been debated at the brewery since 1993, when the company first changed its name to Rockies.
And when we lose a piece of the natural world, we impoverish ourselves." CONTACT: Alliance for the Wild Rockies, (406)721-5420, www.wil; Mountain Caribou Project,
Joining the growing list of professional sports teams engaged in damage control with their gay fans, the Colorado Rockies organization in late April distanced itself from relief pitcher Todd Jones, who told The Denver Post he wouldn't accept an openly gay player.
It tells the story of the building of the statue from the time of its conception to the day it began its reign on the mountain as "Our Lady of the Rockies." It is an inspiring book, one I highly recommend, written from the heart with warmth and love, and a tribute to the people of Butte.
The Board of Directors for YMCA of the Rockies has named Kent Meyer, managing director of Snow Mountain Ranch, to be the new president/CEO for YMCA of the Rockies.