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Cave and stone markings made by early hominids, which are believed to indicate social development; the oldest known RA is attributed to Australian aborigine ancestors, ±40,000 years ago, and consists of carved circular depressions
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This rock painting has been argued to represent a South-east Asian building or, more specifically, a Macassan smoke house (Chaloupka 1993, 1996).
Lenssen-Erz (2012: 105) also refers to some of the cattle rock painting and engraving images in the Ennedi Highlands of north-east Chad as being individualised "with very intricate, 'costly' patterns of the coat often in strictly unnatural geometric designs", this fitting "with current patterns of behaviour among some cattle pastoralists".
Singe, John nd Aspects of rock painting in the Torres Strait with an emphasis on Muralug Island Group (to which is attached copies of drawing of rock paintings from various sites), ms, Thursday Island High School.
A rock painting by artist Natalie Rostadt-Desjarlais which is displayed at the Westin Hotel was the beginning of a spiritual journey for Scott.
A Chumash rock painting from the 1500s shows that culture's view of the cosmos, while hand-drawn maps from the 1830s Rancho era were used to stake land claims, he said.
This rock painting comes from the Paleolithic period, a time when most people lived in caves.
At many sites, natural features of rock surfaces have been incorporated into rock painting designs.
Ranging from rock painting and oral storytelling to rap music, the materials examined by Brown cover a range of linguistic, racial, economic and historical contexts, all speaking compellingly to the author of issues that reverberate widely through present-day South Africa and beyond.
PHOTO (1) Archeologist David Whitley examines a Chumash rock painting in the mountains above Santa Barbara near San Marcos Pass.
3--ran in SAC and AV only) Vasquez Rocks Ranger Mike Sharp points out a rock painting of the Tataviam Indians' bird dance.
However, our recent surveys have nearly doubled the known number of rock painting sites, indicating that a rich and elaborate rock-art heritage exists for the region.
He thus identified a second copy of a rock painting as a trance dance.