Rochelle salt

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po·tas·si·um so·di·um tar·trate

a mild saline cathartic, used as an ingredient in compound effervescent powders.
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Rochelle salt


Rochelle salts

(rə-shĕl′, rō-)
See potassium sodium tartrate.
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Rochelle salt

Potassium sodium tartrate, a colorless, transparent powder having a cooling and saline taste and formerly used as a saline cathartic.
See also: salt
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To determine the appropriate concentration of the catalyst Rochelle salt, we investigated the model reaction at different concentrations of the catalyst like 2.5,5, 10, and 15 mol%.
pH 4--7) the lack of excess cyanide may demand the addition of Rochelle salt (sodium-potassium tartrate) to ensure that smooth dissolution occurs.