Robson, Sir Arthur William Mayo

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Sir Arthur William Mayo, English surgeon, 1853-1933.
Robson line - imaginary line from the right nipple to the umbilicus.
Robson point - point of greatest tenderness in inflamed gallbladder using Robson line technique.
Robson position - position used in biliary tract surgery.
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As John Robson points out with regard to the Famous Five ("Why they're not famous," July 3), hiding these views will certainly make our children wonder.
Waking the child to full consciousness repeatedly is a disruption, and may lead to sleep deprivation for the entire family," Robson points out.
And as Master Robson points out - you're in the same room, aren't you?
FLASHPOINT: Sir Bobby Robson points out the error of Kieron Dyer's ways
Mr Robson points to another factor linking Cumbria to the stories.
Boro are unbeaten in 10 league games this term but as Robson points out, the impressive upward curve in results goes back into last season.
The second and third teams won through to the finals of the League Cups and, although they also failed to win, Robson points out it is the first time during the six years the league has been in existence any club has reached all three cup finals.
Like so many, Robson points to the loss of Mikael Forssell as the main factor behind Blues' comparative struggles.
Robson points to Chelsea's staggering outlay on transfers this season as one of the main reasons Newcastle have been pushed out of the top three.
CALLING THE TOON: Bobby Robson points the way on the pitch - but he can't protect his players off it; ON THE SPOT: Newcastle stars Craig Bellamy, Carl Cort, Wayne Quinn and Keiron Dyer are being quizzed