Robinson, Robert A.

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Robert A., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1914–.
Robinson anterior cervical discectomy
Robinson artificial apparatus
Robinson morcellation
Robinson pocket arthrometer
Robinson prosthesis
Robinson spinal arthrodesis
Smith-Robinson operation - see under Smith, GW
Smith-Robinson anterior approach
Smith-Robinson anterior cervical discectomy
Smith-Robinson anterior fusion
Smith-Robinson cervical fusion
Smith-Robinson interbody arthrodesis
Smith-Robinson interbody fusion
Smith-Robinson technique
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[3] Another method advocated for managing a mobilized footplate is to place a vein graft over the footplate and then insert a Robinson prosthesis. [4] In our patient, whose footplate in the right ear was submerged, the surgeon had placed a vein graft over the oval window and used a wire prosthesis, because any manipulation of the footplate during an attempt to remove it might have resulted in a dead ear.