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Brian F., 20th-century British cardiologist. See: Robinson index.
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Robinson on a roof above the Heights; the boats Mourn like the lost.
By the same token, it's no accident that the hostility to Bishop Robinson, and to any formal tolerance of active homosexuality, is strongest among self-conscious evangelicals who increasingly insist on a literalist interpretation of scriptural condemnations of homosexuality.
Always upbeat, the 50-something Robinson views these traumas as "part of the journey.
Robinson says younger club goers also enjoy straight champagne, no longer reserved for special occasions.
1) To the mystery of Confederate incapacity at Missionary Ridge, Armstead Robinson offers a compelling explanation, which, in effect, forms the denouement to his engrossing analysis of why the Confederacy lost the War between the States.
Robinson reviews the work of four gay, privileged, white, Christian, and conservative authors (Bruce Bawer; Andrew Sullivan, Michelangelo Signorile and Gabriel Rotello) who have largely framed the conservative gay dialogue.
Outside the apartment, and one landing above, Robinson "asked what was happening.
We have a big family, 45 first cousins in their 30s, 40s, 50s who all keep in contact,'' said Anna May Robinson.
Robinson, the chief executive officer and president of Dryden-based Northern Lights Credit Union, says that his company has tried many different approaches and locations for corporate retreats before settling on one that he says works for his company.
It is a part of the unvarying tradition of the Church, Father Robinson declares, that there must be a continuing effort to bring the way we live into harmony with the demands of our faith.
I am so proud of Bishop Robinson and wish him all the best--a true American hero who happens to be gay
Bishop Robinson, who as coadjutor is assistant bishop with right to succession when the diocesan bishop retires, is said to be the Anglican Communion's first openly gay bishop.