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Brian F., 20th-century British cardiologist. See: Robinson index.
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Al Robinson died on the farm near Winesburg, and he got eight thousand dollars from the bank that acted as trustee of her estate.
And so Enoch Robinson stayed in the New York room among the people of his fancy, playing with them, talking to them, happy as a child is happy.
The sadness was in the heart of George Willard and was without mean- ing, but it appealed to Enoch Robinson.
He was like Enoch Robinson on the evenings when the old man came down out of his room and wandered alone in the streets.
Enoch Robinson and George Willard met beneath a wooden awning that extended out over the side- walk before Voight's wagon shop on Maumee Street just off the main street of Winesburg.
She got to coming in there after there hadn't been anyone in the room for years," said Enoch Robinson.
Enoch Robinson stared at George Willard, his childlike blue eyes shining in the lamplight.
Enoch Robinson sprang to his feet and ran to the window that looked down into the deserted main street of Winesburg.
I am afraid poor Miss Robinson must have a wretched life," I said, in tones of deep disgust.
It's Miss Robinson," whispered the little girl, twinkling with excitement; then, catching sight of my face, she said once more with eager insistence, "Who are you?
Robinson on a roof above the Heights; the boats Mourn like the lost.
He leaves his wife of 23 years, Betty E (Condon) Robinson; three sons, Neil Robinson of Somerville, Philip Robinson of Uxbridge and John Robinson and his wife, Christine, of Flagstaff Ariz.