Meinhard, 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Robinow dwarfism, Robinow syndrome.
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6,7) Isolated clinical comorbidities * Laryngomalacia * Subglottic stenosis * Subdural hematoma * Central nervous system malformations including Arnold Chiari malformation * Arthrogryposis * Facial dysmorphic features * Velopharyngeal insufficiency * Hypotonia/myopathy * Ear deformities/sensorineural hearing loss Syndromic associations * Robinow syndrome * Goldenhar syndrome * Down syndrome * Williams syndrome * DiGeorge syndrome * Mobius syndrome * Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (type 1, 1b and 2) * JS-X syndrome * Hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy * Congenital myasthenic syndrome
Cases of syndromic features included VATER association (n = 3), CHARGE syndrome (n = 3), Aarskog syndrome (n = 3), foetal alcohol syndrome (n = 3), Robinow syndrome (n = 1), GBBB syndrome (n = 1), Noonan syndrome (n = 1), and four with autosomal chromosome abnormalities [46X,add(1)(q43), 46,XY,del(4p), 46, XY,add(10)(q26), 46,XY,t(13;14)(q11;q11)]; 21 remained with unknown etiology (Table 1).
48) See Longworth v Hope (1865) 3 M 1049, 1057; Sim v Robinow (1892) 19 R 665, 668 (Lord Kinnear); See also Alexander Anton, Private International Law (W Green, 1967) 148-54.
3 eOST (MIM 112261) ARHGEF3 3 / (3) 3p21-p13 eOST (MIM 612115) Total SNPs Lower line- SNPs excluded from the statistical analysis, from the following reasons: (a) - Not in HWE (Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium); (b) - MAF < 10% (c) - Not polymorphic Bone pathology and other disorders (d) OI--Osteogenesis imperfecta, (e) OST--Osteoporosis, (f) EDS--Danlos syndrome, (g) OSA--Osteoarthritis, (h) BMD--Bone mineral density (i) OSP--Osteopenia, (j) CL2--Chondrocalcinosis 2, (k) CRD--Craniometaphyseal Dysplasia, (l) BTB--Brachydactyly type B, (m) RRS--Recessive Robinow Syndrome, (n) OPS--Osteoporosis-Pseudoglioma syndrome, (o) CWP--widespread pain disorder
BHCAG is the earliest prototype for "consumer-driven health insurance" (Herzlinger 2004a, Robinow 2004, Harris et al.
Robinow sendromu (RS), bas, yuz, dis ureme organlari ve omurga segmentasyonlarinda anomalilerle ka-rakterize cok nadir gorulen genetik bir hastaliktir.
Howlin Rain is Ethan Miller, Joel Robinow, Ian Gradek, Raj Ojha.
225) Ibid 476 (Lord Goff) (emphasis added), applying Sim v Robinow (1892) 19 R 665, 668 (Lord Kinnear).
With: Roy Dupuis, Serge Houde, Tony Robinow, Vlasta Vrana, Gregory Hlady.
Thomeyer (Hamb) Oscar Rohrmoser (Hamb) Siegmund Robinow y Sohn (Hamb) S.