Argyll Robertson

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Ar·gyll Ro·bert·son

(ar'gīl rob'ĕrt-sŏn), Do not hyphenate Argyll Robertson.
Douglas, Scottish ophthalmologist, 1837-1909. See: Argyll Robertson pupil.
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Robertson argues that beginning in the 1880s, social reformers and reform organizations, especially the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, began vigorously to extend to older children (both female and male) its protective umbrella by appropriating the guiding nineteenth century visions of the innocence of children.
After leading Valencia to four Foothill League titles and competing on Santa Monica Beach Club -- one of Southern California's most successful club volleyball teams -- for the past seven years, Robertson has endured some growing pains during the first 11 matches of her college career.
Travis, noting that he had earlier written about his own efforts to leg-press 400 pounds, wrote in a column that one of his readers had e-mailed to report that Robertson has repeatedly claimed to be able to leg-press 2,000 pounds.
Also after the Sharon flap, Robertson announced that he wouldn't be speaking at the annual conference of the National Religious Broadcasters.
Robertson said having sufficient transportation platforms remains a challenge.
However, a church never got built and the building "outgrew itself" very quickly, Bishop Robertson said.
We are proud to bring what will be a new yet Classical landmark to the skyline and a new level of luxury in Los Angeles and Downtown Los Angeles in particular," said Robertson.
The latest Robertson outburst came after the program aired a report about Muslim protests over cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed in European newspapers.
In Trouble Showed The Way, Claire Robertson brings insights and empathy gained through over two decades of research and writing on women and class in African history to an analysis of the Nairobi bean trade.
Monday night, Robertson's attorney, Jonathan Freund, defended his client and denied the allegation that Robertson was a drug addict.
Robertson, who has worked for Koch Industries and several of its subsidiaries for more than 21 years, will replace Joseph W.
In late January, Robertson cancelled the speech, citing scheduling conflicts.