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Robert, English surgeon, 1939–.
Whitaker test - a pressure-perfusion test in the upper urinary tract to demonstrate impediment of flow.
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Non-travelling reserves are Robert Whitaker, 32, who is now based in Kent, and William Whitaker, 26, who is still in Huddersfield.
Rome was Britain's first points-scoring show of the campaign, and they were led to a stylish victory at Villa Borghese by Michael Whitaker, John Whitaker, Holly Gillott and Robert Whitaker.
The other two defendants in the case were Carl Pycock, 35, of Somerton Road, Newport, who got two years jail and Robert Whitaker, 37, of The Bungalows, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who was also sentenced to two years.
The exhibit contains about 30 photographs of the fab four, in their formative years, taken by Curt Gunther and Robert Whitaker.
Also try to keep a routine - According to Robert Whitaker, a professor of pediatrics and public health at CORE, household routines can help cut the risk of childhood obesity.
The cover was shot in 1966 by the band's then official photographer Robert Whitaker featuring the band in white coats and draped with fresh meat and dismembered toy dolls.
ON THE LAPS OF THE GODS The Red Summer of 1919 and the Struggle for Justice That Remade a Nation | Robert Whitaker (2008): On the evening of September 30, 1919, a riot erupted in rural Elaine, Arkansas, after white planters tried to disperse a group of black sharecroppers who had assembled to start a union.
Glazer offered the first part of his rebuttal to the Ashcraft-Anthony "Tools for Transformationv interviews with Robert Whitaker, which appeared in two parts in the July/August and September issues.
ROBERT WHITAKER, the photographer behind many of the most famous images from the first half of the Beatles' career, has died.
Sunday, Room 175, UO Law School; journalist Robert Whitaker, author of "Anatomy of an Epidemic," will discuss new research on best mental health treatment options; co-sponsored by UO Law School; sliding scale of $1 to $10; oaks@mindfreedom.
76 seconds for an emphatic success that collected pounds 3,375, beating Paul Barker and Temple Ryfield into second place, with Robert Whitaker (Rostaar) third and Ireland's Shane Breen (Magic Fox) fourth.