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Reginald, English physician, 1835-1899. See: Southey tubes.
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In a chapter on Robert Southey, Nemoianu contends that he was yet another Biedermeier figure who espoused the ideology of smallness, local attachment, and fertile imperfection.
En cambio la realeza britanica podria jactarse de haber honrado a Chaucer, a Ben Jonson, a John Dryden y a Robert Southey, entre otros.
Coleridge's friendship, quarrel, and weak reconciliation with the poet Robert Southey foreshadowed his quarrel with Wordsworth.
It's no coincidence that they and other New Romantic poets such as Robert Southey and Percy Shelleywere inspired by the wild beauty of Exmoor.
Earlier, Charlotte had sent a few of her poems to Poet Laureate Robert Southey.
Robert Southey was the Poet Laureate of England when she wrote this letter.
Although we shall be concerned here only with Zukovskij's three earliest translations of the ballads of Robert Southey, it is interesting to follow Zukovskij as he works toward the discovery of the English Romantic poets as a group.
Memorabilia que cuenta la iniciacion de De Quincey con Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Worsdsworth y Robert Southey, este libro nunca fue publicado como tal, siendo una coleccion de articulos publicarlos en la revista escocesa Tait's Edinburgh Magazine entre 1834 y 1839 que mas tarde conformo una seccion de las obras completas de De Quincey editadas por James Hogg a partir de 1853.
A bewildering array of representations emerges as Astell traces Joan's influence on Robert Southey, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Thomas De Quincey, whose Jacobin Joan somehow evades religious sanctity altogether, to George Bernard Shaw, whose version of Joan looks suspiciously like an opponent of feudalism and a Protestant martyr to boot.
Organized into four chapters which are further subdivided into extremely short sections (two to seven pages each), her book traces the complicated route of the evolution of romanticism in the works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Southey, Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset,William Wordsworth, and others, and then the post-romantic poetics of, primarily, William Wordsworth, Theophile Gautier, Mathew Arnold, Alfred Tennyson, and Oscar Wilde.
Growing up during the heyday of this movement, scholar-poets such as Robert Southey considered the wide range of world religions, pondering what they saw as a combination of profound truth and poisonous superstition in the universal development of spiritual belief systems.
In 1796, Jackson recounts, Coleridge and Robert Southey, his brother-in-law, wrote an epic poem, Joan of Arc.