Robison, Robert

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Robert, English chemist, 1884-1941.
Robison ester - a key intermediate in glycolysis, glycogenolysis, pentose phosphate shunt, etc. Synonym(s): D-glucose 6-phosphate; Robison-Embden ester
Robison ester dehydrogenase - a deficiency of this enzyme can lead to severe hemolytic anemia and favism. Synonym(s): glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase
Robison-Embden ester - Synonym(s): Robison-ester
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Business and Finance partners Robert Robison, Gerald Kehoe, and Daniel Nelson and associates Daniel Losk and Meredith Klionsky; Energy partner Mark Williams; Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation partner Gary Rothstein; and Investment Management and Securities Industry partner Jennifer Klass and associate Christine Lombardo.
The conference call will be hosted by George Abd, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Robert Robison, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.
Morton; Hastings Puckett; Clay Robison, brother of the bride; Robert Robison, brother of the bride; and David Taylor.
Lorenzo Rossi di Montelera, Filippo Recami, Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard, Emily Berlin, Thomas Epstein, Robert Robison, and Thomas A.
The Morgan Lewis deal team was led by Business & Finance partners Robert Robison and R.