Robison, Robert

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Robert, English chemist, 1884-1941.
Robison ester - a key intermediate in glycolysis, glycogenolysis, pentose phosphate shunt, etc. Synonym(s): D-glucose 6-phosphate; Robison-Embden ester
Robison ester dehydrogenase - a deficiency of this enzyme can lead to severe hemolytic anemia and favism. Synonym(s): glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase
Robison-Embden ester - Synonym(s): Robison-ester
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Robert Robison, from Racks, has a collection of the"Torch of Truth"journals at home.
"The day we'd get them from the architect, they were on everybody's laptop or iPad within 24 hours," says Robert Robison, senior project manager with Brasfield & Gorrie.
Morton; Hastings Puckett; Clay Robison, brother of the bride; Robert Robison, brother of the bride; and David Taylor.