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Robert, U.S. physician, 1895–.
Gutierrez syndrome - Synonym(s): horseshoe kidney
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"Our data add to the growing body of literature that documents breast MRI's ability to detect otherwise occult additional disease in patients who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer," said Robert Gutierrez, lead author of the study.
Serial entrepreneur Robert Gutierrez, who serves as the company's managing director, said the device relies on three components: an RFID tag consisting of a chip connected to a copper antenna that both stores product information and contains a code unique to the bottle to which it is affixed; proprietary software that retrieves and analyzes information transmitted from the tag; and a Short Message Service (SMS) or texting service that transmits product information--such as flavor profile, suggested food pairings, and scores and ratings--to end-users, such as consumers, via text message to a cell phone.
Recent evidence of that close relationship is apparent in an honor that was bestowed upon IFA when I was appointed by Secretary of Commerce Robert Gutierrez to serve as a member of the Department of Commerce Industry Sector Advisory Committee on Distribution Services.
Robert Gutierrez, president and CEO, Armadillo Construction Co., Laredo, Texas
Joseph Robert Gutierrez, 26, of Springfield was booked into the Lane County Jail on Thursday afternoon, charged with the murder of Scott Brian Zebro, 62, who lived in the Austin Way home in west Eugene.