Degos, Robert

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Robert, French dermatologist, 1904-1987.
Degos acanthoma - obsolete term for clear cell acanthoma.
Degos disease - a cutaneovisceral syndrome characterized by pathognomonic umbilicated porcelain-white papules followed by peritonitis, progressive neurological disability, and death. Synonym(s): Degos syndrome; malignant atrophic papulosis
Degos syndrome - Synonym(s): Degos disease
Kohlmeier-Degos syndrome - see under Kohlmeier
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The first description of lymphedematous rosacea was given in 1957 by a French dermatologist Robert Degos. Later the term 'morbus morbihan' was introduced to describe a group of patients from Morbihan, France who presented this rare complication of rosacea (6).