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Robert, English botanist, 1773-1858.
brownian motion - Synonym(s): brownian movement
brownian movement - rapid random motion of small particles in suspension. Synonym(s): brownian motion; brownian-Zsigmondy movement; molecular movement; pedesis
brownian-Zsigmondy movement - Synonym(s): brownian movement
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The score written by Jason Robert Brown is so breathtakingly beautiful it has to be considered a modern classic, and well deserved of the Tony Awards it received.
HORROR Police find Joanna's coffin GRAVE Brown dug this in advance at Great Windsor Park COFFIN Plastic trunk in which killer dumped body & weapon DEATH KIT Hammer used to batter wife, plastic sheet & tape KILLER Robert Brown claimed he was suffering from mental illness VICTIM Joanna Brown was locked in a bitter divorce with husband
20) Barclay was a dealer in scotch stocks: before making arrangements for Robert Brown with Bronfman, he had helped Harry Hatch, Sam's arch-rival, acquire Ballantine's scotch distillery as a subsidiary of Hiram Walker, Ltd.
Jersey accountant Robert Brown, 53, believes he could be the love child of Princess Margaret, who died in 2002 aged 71, and Group Captain Peter Townsend - who had an ill-fated romance with the Princess - making him 12th in line to the throne.
Robert Brown, chief executive of Merlin, said: "This is a really exciting time for everyone at Merlin - with expansion into training we are going to be able provide access to our services to an even greater number of people.
Avid golfer Robert Brown presents The Golf Gods: Who Are They, What They Want & How to Appease Them, an amusing book for golf players everywhere who are willing to acknowledge a bit of divine influence in the curve of their slice, the hunger of the sand trap, or the veer of a critical putt.
FOR all I know Robert Brown, the Jersey accountant who claims to be Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend's illegitimate son, may be a total obsessive loon.
Robert Brown, an accountant from Jersey, is seeking a High Court order allowing him to see the contents of the will made by the Queen's sister -and the will of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.
He deems this territory the middle world, and he tells its story by starting with a great but generally forgotten botanist, Robert Brown.
His responsibilities will instead be assumed by current management including Robert Brown, vice president of route sales, Christopher Rahey, vice president of direct sales and senior marketing manager Jonathon Silvon.