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Robert, English obstetrician, 1817-1907.
Barnes curve - a curve corresponding in general with Carus curve, being the segment of a circle whose center is the promontory of the sacrum.
Barnes zone - the lower fourth of the pregnant uterus, attachment of the placenta to any part of which may cause dangerous hemorrhage. Synonym(s): cervical zone
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Robert Barnes, Global Head of Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange Group, Welcoming IntegraFin to our markets is a cause for celebration for the company and a beacon for fast growing business across the UK.
Robert Barnes then scored the first 4 points of the extra period to give the Hornets their first lead since midway through the second quarter at 56-52.
Bataoil, Robert Barnes, president of the Returned Service League of Australia, and some of his brothers-in-arms.
Pastor Robert Barnes will lead the 3pm service before closing the doors on 112 years of history.
But Ed O'Keefe and Robert Barnes conceded Gorsuch's confirmation as the 113th Supreme Court justice was "a marquee accomplishment for President Trump" and a "big legislative win for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (RKy.
Dean Calcutt and Robert Barnes came to the rescue and they have given it a real go.
Architect Robert Barnes has been asked to create a new design for a completely separate home in the space.
Defense lawyer Robert Barnes - a Los Angeles attorney who previously represented actor Wesley Snipes in a high-profile tax fraud case - argued in court that Ford should have been required to pay only $135,000 in restitution.
Paul Robert Barnes flattened the new electric gates of Yarm School with the vehicle, picked up a friend from a nearby estate, then drove along the busy street on a bank holiday weekend.
The ruling was based partly on classified evidence about Fanavari Azmayeshgahi that the government convinced Justice Robert Barnes not to disclose on the grounds doing so could harm national security.
Lee Robert Barnes, 37, of Charles Street, Swinton, in Salford, appeared before Wirral magistrates' court yesterday in connection with an incident on Cromer Drive on Sunday.
LaPrade and his wife Amy of Worcester; two grandsons, Brendan and Nathan; her longtime partner, Robert Barnes of Brookfield; a brother Richard W.