Abbe, Robert

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Robert, U.S. surgeon, 1851-1928.
Abbe-Estlander cheiloplasty
Abbe flap - a full-thickness flap of the middle portion of the lower lip that is transferred into the upper lip, or vice versa.
Abbe intestinal anastomosis
Abbe neurectomy
Abbe operation - use of an Abbe flap in plastic surgery of the lips.
Abbe refractometer
Abbe repair
Abbe ring
Abbe small-bowel operation
Abbe stage I cheiloplasty
Abbe stage II cheiloplasty
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In addition to reporting solid top- and bottom-line financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2001, we are encouraged that the Company continued to experience increasing demand for ADE's most advanced wafer metrology and inspection equipment," said ADE President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Abbe.
Robert Abbe, ADE president and CEO, stated, "Through our acquisition of DMS, we believe our disk drive customers will benefit from the broader range of yield management products.
Robert Abbe and his engineering team to ask them to accept this challenging request.
ADE Corporation president and chief executive officer Robert Abbe noted he is optimistic regarding the opportunities presented by this acquisition.
ADE results during the second quarter continue to show steady improvement in earnings," said ADE President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Abbe.
ADE generated positive results in several key areas during the first quarter," said ADE President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Abbe.
We are proud to have attracted an executive of Brian's caliber to join our management team," said Robert Abbe, CEO of ADE.
Demand for ADE's advanced metrology and inspection equipment continued to gain momentum during the fourth quarter, resulting in the Company's fourth consecutive quarter of revenue growth and fifth consecutive quarter of increased backlog," stated Robert Abbe, ADE's president and chief executive officer.
ADE has initiated an aggressive search for an experienced chief financial officer who will help us capitalize on the Company's substantial growth opportunities," stated Robert Abbe, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADE.
ADE continued to improve its financial performance on both the top and bottom lines in the third fiscal quarter," stated ADE President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Abbe.
Stated ADE President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Abbe, "We continue to be encouraged by the upward trends in ADE's core industries.
ADE President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Abbe stated, "We are very encouraged by the customer interest we are experiencing in our markets and we are optimistic that we will be able to capitalize on long-term market trends.