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Heinrich, L.F., German gynecologist, 1814-1878. See: Robert pelvis.
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"Your services had been great," Lord Robert said, "and your fault was but venial."
"Hen-scratches," was Uncle Robert's judgement, when he looked over the paper upon which she had scrawled.
Uncle Robert, still laughing, and urged on by Lute and his wife, took the board.
He had a hard struggle to make his farm pay, to feed and clothe little Robert and his brothers and sisters, who were growing up fast about him.
Robert in those days was a grave-faced, serious, small boy, and he and his brother Gilbert were the cleverest scholars in the little school.
Thornburgh; above all, Robert's delightful Irish mother, and Mrs.
It is depressing to see so really noble a character as Catherine soured, as we feel, and lowered, as time goes on, from the happy resignation of the first volume (in which solemn, beautiful, and entire, and so very real, she is like a poem of Wordsworth) down to the mere passivity of the third volume, and the closing scene of Robert Elsmere's days, very exquisitely as this episode of unbelieving yet saintly biography has been conceived and executed.
Monsieur Robert Darzac stood in the prisoner's dock between policemen, tall, handsome, and calm.
It was remarked that the jurors appeared to be deeply interested in a rapid conversation which the manager of the "Epoque" was having with Maitre Henri Robert. The manager, later, sat down in the front row of the public seats.
"THAT was exactly like Robert,"--was his immediate observation.--"And THAT," he presently added, "might perhaps be in HIS head when the acquaintance between them first began.
The independence she settled on Robert, through resentment against you, has put it in his power to make his own choice; and she has actually been bribing one son with a thousand a-year, to do the very deed which she disinherited the other for intending to do.
That was before your time, Roberts. I was sleeping at Dutch Henry's hotel, down where the market is now.