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Heinrich, L.F., German gynecologist, 1814-1878. See: Robert pelvis.
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Robert supposed he was not, as there were a good many New Orleans club men over at Klein's.
Your services had been great," Lord Robert said, "and your fault was but venial.
Now, Robert, none of your ridiculousness," his wife warned him.
There, that will do, I guess," Uncle Robert said as he took his hand away.
He had a hard struggle to make his farm pay, to feed and clothe little Robert and his brothers and sisters, who were growing up fast about him.
These books excited little Robert so much that if ever a recruiting sergeant came to his village, he would strut up and down in raptures after the drum and bagpipe, and long to be tall enough to be a soldier.
Briefly, Robert Elsmere, a priest of the Anglican Church, marries a very religious woman; there is the perfection of "mutual love"; at length he has doubts about "historic Christianity"; he gives up his orders; carries his learning, his fine intellect, his goodness, nay, his saintliness, into a kind of Unitarianism; the wife becomes more intolerant than ever; there is a long and faithful effort on both sides, eventually successful, on the part of these mentally [66] divided people, to hold together; ending with the hero's death, the genuine piety and resignation of which is the crowning touch in the author's able, learned, and thoroughly sincere apology for Robert Elsmere's position.
For good or evil, the sort of doubts which troubled Robert Elsmere are no novelty in literature, and we think the main issue of the "religious question" is not precisely where Mrs.
Monsieur Robert Darzac stood in the prisoner's dock between policemen, tall, handsome, and calm.
It was remarked that the jurors appeared to be deeply interested in a rapid conversation which the manager of the "Epoque" was having with Maitre Henri Robert.
THAT was exactly like Robert,"--was his immediate observation.
And of course the white man is inevitable--it's the niggers' fate," Roberts broke in.