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Heinrich, L.F., German gynecologist, 1814-1878. See: Robert pelvis.
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Messire Robert d'Estouteville frowned and made a gesture so imperious and significant to Quasimodo, that the deaf man in some measure understood it.
The reply matched the question so little that the wild laugh began to circulate once more, and Messire Robert exclaimed, red with wrath,--
For good or evil, the sort of doubts which troubled Robert Elsmere are no novelty in literature, and we think the main issue of the "religious question" is not precisely where Mrs.
Troy, Robert took Isabel's arm in his and led her away.
The second time that his library was taken from him, Sir Robert died, but it was given back to his son, and many years later his great-great-grandson gave it to the nation.
Where Sir Robert found Beowulf, or what he thought about it, we shall never know.
I have not hesitated to furnish the reader with all these retrospective details, known to me through my business relations with Monsieur Robert Darzac.
Aunt Mildred greeted him with a glow of fondness and motherly kindness, while Uncle Robert genially and heartily demanded, "Well, Chris, my boy, and what of the riding?
Uncle Robert, still laughing, and urged on by Lute and his wife, took the board.
Now, Robert, none of your ridiculousness," his wife warned him.
I am entirely at your service," Lord Robert answered.
Lord Robert," he said, "I have, I believe, the right of a personal appeal.