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related to animals on roadways.

road accidents
results in traumatic injuries because of collisions with vehicles, falling on uneven or slippery surfaces.
road founder
traumatic laminitis.
road transportation
motor transport.

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Q. Is there a connection between bipolar disorder and road rage? I know someone who may have a bipolar disorder, but he also has road rage. Is there a possible connection between bipolar disorder and road rage?

A. You're the best. I would gladly call her.

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We are thankful and grateful for their unyielding passion to save lives on America's roadways," Wentz said.
More and more motorized vehicles are being added to roadways that are inadequate," he says.
But city officials say a number of individual residents from other nearby neighborhoods want the two roadways open to all traffic.
Engineers have experimented with ground rubber in roadways for decades, but new laws are pushing transportation agencies to expand the use of this material, says Michael A.
metropolitan markets and historical traffic coverage for nearly one million miles of roadways across the country.
Barletta's strong commitment to roadway safety and reducing fatalities on America's roadways is a testament to his dedication and drive to make our transportation system safer, more efficient and more reliable.
Miguel says results would be similar, if not worse, on unpaved roads, especially if it's a frequently traveled unpaved road in an agricultural area, where pollens and other plant matter would be prevalent on roadways.
On Monday, Anthony Nisich, the city's director of transportation and engineering services, put out a plea to residents to help avoid compounding the problem by making sure their sprinklers are adjusted properly and don't hit roadways.
Nasdaq:CSCO) today announced the Cisco(R) Intelligent Roadway Solutions, a unique set of networking technologies and services tailored for the global roadways industry.
Now, investigations are beginning to examine the question of whether pregnant women residing close to heavily traveled roadways have a greater occurrence of these adverse birth outcomes.
Vehicle traffic has moved back to the Main Terminal (west) side of the upper- and lower-level roadways.
ATSSA represents over 1,800 member companies and individuals in the traffic control and roadway safety industry who provide the majority of roadway safety features, services and materials used on roadways in the United States and abroad.