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A popular term referring to jagged linear lacerations, fancifully likened to a road map, of the face and neck, usually of a front passenger who has been thrown from a car in an RTA/MVA via the windscreen/shield, and sustained cuts en route to the end of a trajectory
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She said the association is hoping that the roadmap will become a 'perpetual master plan' for the industry 'so that when new government officials come in, the industry will not be disturbed and will be allowed to continue its role in helping the economy of the country.'
He was speaking May 1 at a press conference dedicated to monitoring and the estimated results of the implementation of Azerbaijan's strategic roadmaps.
The reason we believe Intel might be having plans outside the ones mentioned in this leaked roadmap is because it's marked SIPP, or Stable Image Platform Program, which is Intel's initiative to ensure "virtually zero changes to key platform components and drivers for at least 15 months or until the next generational release".
Another important content of the roadmap includes the legislation of a long-term infrastructure development program that will ensure continuity of the programs beyond changing administration so the country can catch up on infrastructure deficiencies.
The roadmap relies on five pillars: building a food data strategy, developing an innovation research and development (R&D) strategy, establishing a national food waste programme, expanding nutritional guidelines, and enhancing the regional trading environment.
"Our delegation reiterated the declared position of the SPLM on the roadmap, that this roadmap is obsolete, out of date and events.
According to the five-year roadmap, 4,000 additional health workers will be appointed for dispensing quality medical facilities in rural areas besides launching rural ambulance service.
As we come to the 25th anniversary of that first Roadmap, we look back at the frenetic times and hopes when it debuted, through the eyes and words of those who were instrumental in its spawning.
The Rule of Law Roadmap is a comprehensive document encompasses a significant and inclusive reforms with high government ownership aiming at strengthening the Justice system of Balochistan over the next five years (2018-2022).
With that in mind, Emerson has launched a Digital Transformation Roadmap, including consulting and implementation services to help manufacturers develop and execute a tailored plan to use digital technologies to reach top performance.
The Roadmap, a copy of which was obtained by the BusinessMirror, points to a government vision of a 'progressive' Philippine fiber industry that produces 'the world's best-quality fiber to supply global demands for renewable, sustainable and environment-friendly products to achieve the country's inclusive growth.'
Activities are already underway to address the roadmap goals in the areas of skin sensitization, skin and eye irritation, and acute systemic toxicity testing.