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A popular term referring to jagged linear lacerations, fancifully likened to a road map, of the face and neck, usually of a front passenger who has been thrown from a car in an RTA/MVA via the windscreen/shield, and sustained cuts en route to the end of a trajectory
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More information about the roadmap is available at https://ntp.
And when we speak of the roadmap, it provides for sequence and guarantees, the President said and added that the fulfillment of security conditions, ceasefire, withdrawal of foreign troops, respect for the delimitation of military equipment, provision of unhindered access for the OSCE, release of hostages must precede the transition to the performance of the political part.
Third, events move too fast for any roadmap to be useful.
Cristobal has assured SEIPI of continued support stressing that its supplemental roadmap will be facilitated through the mobilization of resources in collaboration with relevant government agencies.
The remaining roadmaps were deliberately kicked off in a phased approach over the first half of 2010 to enable N2/N6 and OPNAV leadership, as well as other Navy stakeholders, to dedicate sufficient time and resources to focus on developing and publishing each individual roadmap.
As the Commission normally does when considering significant changes to its policies and procedures, it has issued the proposed IFRS Roadmap specifically to solicit public comment on what's being proposed.
The roadmap is available as a free download to IPC members at www.
The Roadmap process followed a Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)-like process that involved requirements definition, gap analysis, and recommendations for alternatives.
With volume production still some time away, the next roadmap will characterize the technology and infrastructure requirements to reach that stage.
The NTP roadmap has identified four key scientific areas as priorities.
Still, the DAT market should continue to lead the industry in unit shipments and the DDS roadmap has been extended with HP committing to three more generations of DAT technology.