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A popular term referring to jagged linear lacerations, fancifully likened to a road map, of the face and neck, usually of a front passenger who has been thrown from a car in an RTA/MVA via the windscreen/shield, and sustained cuts en route to the end of a trajectory
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Information on the salient features of industry roadmaps on Coco Coir, Carageenan, Rubber Products and Tablea will be discussed by subject-matter experts on those areas.
The remaining roadmaps were deliberately kicked off in a phased approach over the first half of 2010 to enable N2/N6 and OPNAV leadership, as well as other Navy stakeholders, to dedicate sufficient time and resources to focus on developing and publishing each individual roadmap.
The Roadmap process identifies several critical issues for PMA272 and the EW self-protection community, foremost of which is our acquisition and technical "sphere of influence.
On the IBM side, company's 3592J1A is the first in a new three-generation roadmap for IBM's enterprise tape technology, offering higher capacity and performance than the StorageTek 9940 Series drives.
A recent study sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation determined that automated essay scoring systems - such as Writing Roadmap - are indeed viable ways of assessing students' writing skills.
The organization's deputy directors and staff specialists act with considerable autonomy as they lead the development of roadmaps and the systems view of joint integrated architectures, defining what systems to bring together in a system-of-systems approach to meet warfighter needs.
All the NIEHS's priorities are embedded in the Roadmap," he says.
In keeping with the AIT technology roadmap, the next member of the family, the AIT-4, is in product development and will provide 200GB of native capacity (520GB compressed) and a native data transfer rate of 24MB/sec in early 2004.
Highlights of the roadmap will be previewed at IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit this Week
This strategy will be referred to as the Logistics Transformation Roadmap, in support of Focused Logistics.