Road Map

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A popular term referring to jagged linear lacerations, fancifully likened to a road map, of the face and neck, usually of a front passenger who has been thrown from a car in an RTA/MVA via the windscreen/shield, and sustained cuts en route to the end of a trajectory
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In fact, the road map calls for reopening the Naameh landfill, which was shuttered in 2015 after 20 years of operation amid unrelenting local opposition, leading to the garbage crisis of that year.
'It is respectfully stated that the road map may be graciously approved by this court and appropriate order passed accordingly', it is stated in the proposed draft of road map.
The President said that the Government of Bihar had launched the first 'Agricultural Road Map' in 2008 after consulting farmers, agricultural scientists and other stakeholders.
He said we should work as a team to achieve targets of the road map reforms.
Instead of keeping the company's ambitious goals confined to top executives, Zuckerberg has invited contribution and criticism from his employees by freely sharing Facebook's road map. Such transparency is literally embedded in the company's culture; at the company's Palo Alto, California, headquarters, employees work in large open areas rather than being confined in offices, and boardrooms are encased in glass.
The road map developed by the PF strongly urges political parties that all handouts, subsidies and other welfare measures, included in their manifestos should be costed and specific measures should be identified for financing the incremental costs.
The principle could be embedded in the Road Map which the President required of PCA and OPASFAM.
"The road map on Kyrgyzstan's Common Economic Space accession is another step towards entry of our country into the Eurasian Economic Union.
The Afghan government recently reconfirmed its commitment with the endorsement of a Road Map Towards Compliance, detailing 15 measures to fully implement an Action Plan signed with the United Nations in 2011.
He said the road map on Armenia's joining the Customs Union will be prepared by the end of November, RIA Novosti