August Q., German anatomist, 1652-1723. See: Rivinus canals, Rivinus ducts, Rivinus gland, Rivinus incisure, Rivinus membrane, Rivinus notch.
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According to Luc, the disease differs from other subperiosteal abscesses in that it develops without the mastoid bone involvement and that the infection spreads through the notch of Rivinus and branches of the deep auricular arteries located between the roof of the middle ear and the external ear canal, and the subperiosteal area.
It has a series of small ducts (8-20)2 known as ducts of Rivinus opening along sublingual folds and a large duct known as Bartholin's duct opening along with submandibular duct.3,4
Linnaeus's innovations competed with other taxonomic systems at that time, by Ray, Morison, Rivinus, Tournefort, Herman, Boerhaave, Ludwig, and Magnol.
Gray W Aaron & Rivinus Eve L, to Faithe M Simington Living Trust; 2110 Primrose St, Eugene; $204,000.
The apex of this triangle is about 2-3 mm lateral to the notch of Rivinus (Fig.
Design team: David Wright, MEP (CCRD Partners); Pete Dunbar, structural engineer (Dunbar Milby Williams Pittman and Vaughn); Ravi Waldon, associate architect (Waldon Studio Architects); Randy Rivinus, civil engineer (Draper Aden); Bryant Wilson, program manager (JLL); Leslie Hanson, architect (HKS Inc.)
In 1900, Henri Luc described it as a sub-periosteal temporal abscess of otitic origin without intraosseous suppuration and suggested the possible pathway of microorganism spread from middle ear submucosa by anatomical pathways especially via the superior meatus, incisura Rivinus and along the branches of deep auricular artery [7].
Brown, R.A.; Monti, P.M.; Myers, M.G.; Martin, R.A.; Rivinus, T.; Dubreuil, M.
A lot of students have an interest in these studies, but they don't know where to go with those interests," says Julie Rivinus, executive director of the AIME.
However, although existing research suggests a low SA prevalence among people with ID, the potential for increased SA-related risks is of special concern for people with a triple diagnosis (Rivinus, 1988).