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(Riverius) (ri-vē-ār'),
Lazare (Lazarus), French physician, 1589-1655. See: Rivière salt.
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(2.) Lazarus Riverius, The practice of physick (London, 1655), 417-18.
It was first described in 1679 by Lazarus Riverius who incidentally noted a CDH during an autopsy.
Loughlin exposes the early modern fear of female hysteria, an anxiety apparent in the diagnosis of 'Womb-fury' given by the seventeenth-century physician Lazarus Riverius: 'A sort of Madness arising from a vehement and unbridled desire of Carnal Imbracement, which desire disthrones the Rational Faculty so far, that the patient utters wanton and lascivious speeches'.

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