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Coronary Artery Revascularisation Prophylaxis. A trial that investigated whether there are any benefits to performing coronary artery revascularisation by either CABG or percutaneous coronary intervention before undertaking major elective vascular surgery—e.g., abdominal aortic aneurysm repair or severe arterial occlusive disease involving the legs
Conclusion The study found no benefits
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The results showed that 40S is the best candidate gene for normalization in 2-year-old adult Yellow River carps; 18S rRNA and ACTB are the best candidate genes for normalization in juvenile carps; and GAPDH and 40S are the best candidate genes for normalization in carp gonad at different developmental stages.
In the present study, the six housekeeping genes, B2M, ACTB, EF-1a, GAPDH, 18S rRNA, and 40S, in different tissues, gender, and gonads of Yellow River carps at various developmental stages, including undifferentiated larvae (40-55 day after hatch (dph)), 1-year-old juveniles, and 2-year-old adult carps, were investigated.
Yellow River carps were obtained from Henan Academy of Fishery Science (Henan, P.
Therefore, 18S rRNA and ACTB can be recommended for normalization in juvenile Yellow River carps.