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Johann W., German physicist, 1776-1810. See: Ritter opening tetanus, Ritter-Rollet phenomenon.
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com/KevinProbably/videos/593230204351854/) Q&A via Facebook Live , Ritter was asked by a fan if he finds any similarities between him and his character Kevin Finn.
Ritter has already shown an affinity for shadowy, suspenseful material in her film and TV work, playing enigmatic characters on shows such as Breaking Bad and Don't Trust the B - - - - in Apartment 23.
Ritter said the acquisition strengthens its commitment to providing engineered hydraulic and pneumatic products to its customer base in the greater Detroit area.
Ritter had first considered sites in Northern California, at Pacific Grove on Monterey Bay and at San Francisco Bay.
Over the six years I've been at Ritter, we've moved from a family-run business to a business managed by industry professionals, from essentially local-market businesses to regional, multistate businesses," he said.
Ritter left Templeton after two years as town coordinator to take the town administrator job in Sterling.
In 1998 voters took a chance on me and together we have witnessed some history and worked to help shape a positive and productive future for Texas," Ritter said in a statement.
Network solutions provider Ciena Corporation (Nasdaq:CIEN) announced on Tuesday that Ritter Communications, a communications provider based in Arkansas, will deploy Ciena's new packet networking solutions to support growing customer demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) wholesale transport and Internet services as well as mobile backhaul requirements for Tier 1 mobile operators.
com)-- Ritter Public Relations has added Kassi Brown as an assistant account executive.
Having spent more than three decades in the industry, Rezidor CEO Kurt Ritter is used to tackling the big issues, whether it's the Arab Spring, takeovers, entering new markets or even clashes with military dictators.
Ted Ritter, an analyst at Nemertes, believes that about 78% of all workloads will eventually be virtualised.