Ferdinand A.M.F. von, German obstetrician, 1787-1867. See: Ritgen maneuver.
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Ritgen introduced an original manual perineal protection (RMPP) with upward pressure upon the 'posterior perineum', so that the left hand slows down the head and controls deflexion, while softly lifting fetal chin with the second to fourth fingers of the right hand over posterior perineum (between the coccygeal region and anus), both resulting in gradual deflection of the head (Fig.
The aim is to present the 60-year experience in vaginal deliveries using modified Ritgen manual perineal protection (MRMPP) technique according to peripartum tears of the soft birth canal.
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In the Ritgen hands-on method, first reported in 1828, "the left hand of the midwife puts pressure on the infant's head, and the right hand is placed against the perineum." This is done as a means of supporting the perineum and to provide lateral flexion to ease delivery of the infant's shoulders.
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