Risser, Joseph C.

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Joseph C., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1892-1942.
Risser cast
Risser cast table
Risser frame
Risser grade
Risser jacket - a scoliosis plaster jacket.
Risser localizer scoliosis cast
Risser method
Risser sign
Risser stage
Risser technique
Risser turnbuckle cast
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The year since menarche and the Risser sign were also evaluated.
At the initial balance control assessment (T0), his Risser sign was 1 (i.e., index of osseous maturity based on iliac crest ossification, ranging from 0 to 5) and he had a 52[degrees] right thoracic curve and a 34[degrees] left lumbar curve.
Such indicators as age, mobility of deformation, Risser sign value and average term of observation after operation had no statistically authentic differences in examined groups.