Risser, Joseph C.

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Joseph C., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1892-1942.
Risser cast
Risser cast table
Risser frame
Risser grade
Risser jacket - a scoliosis plaster jacket.
Risser localizer scoliosis cast
Risser method
Risser sign
Risser stage
Risser technique
Risser turnbuckle cast
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At that time, she was at Risser grade 1, and her Cobb angle was 50[degrees]; metallic instrumentation was implanted at T10 to L3 to prevent progression of the scoliosis.
Using Figure 7 and the Risser scale, the estimated Risser grade for this patient is 4.
Table 2 Risser Grades for Skeletal Growth Estimates (21) Grade 0 No ossification Grade 1 25% ossification (of lateral 1/4) Grade 2 26-50% ossification (of lateral 1/2) Grade 3 51-75% ossification (of lateral 3/4) Grade 4 76-100% ossification (no fusion) Grade 5 complete bony fusion Ossification measured using the iliac wing apophysis.
A child with a Risser grade of 0-2 who is premenarchal and has a curve of 20-29 degrees has a two in three chance that the curve will progress.
In the AIS group, 76.8% (n = 152) were of Risser grades 0 (n = 42), 1 (n = 59), and 2 (n = 51).