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A skin deformity characterised by ridging on the upper surface of the breast due to thin skin or underfilling or leakage of a breast implant. While rippling can occur with all types of implants, it is more common with saline implants due to saline’s fluid mechanics compared to those of silicone gel; it is more common over the lower half of the implant than the upper because there is less subcutaneous tissue over the lower half; it is more common in implants placed above the muscle than submuscular implants; textured implants are more likely to ripple than smooth
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Spring came again, and the flowers rose From their quiet winter graves, And gayly danced on their slender stems, And sang with the rippling waves.
Newburg noted the corrugations are consistent with previous theoretical research that supports the idea that a dwarf galaxy or dark matter going through the Milky Way would produce the same rippling effect.
Saturn's C ring also features a longer rippling structure imaged by Cassini and reported earlier this year.