Rio Summit

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A 1992 conference that provided a forum for addressing the population-related and other man-made changes on the global ecosystem
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Well before the first Rio summit the UAE had set aside significant areas for conservation.
Thursday's debate on the green economy was designed to advance discussions ahead of the Rio summit.
The new Rio summit will end with a "focused political document" presumably laying out the framework and international commitments to a new Green World Order, Fox News reports.
AaAaAa This is why Morocco was "among the first nations to become acutely aware of the issues underscored by the Rio Summit, and has thus ratified the relevant international agreements," the sovereign said, noting that the environment issue features "prominently in our development programs, whether they concern water resources - an area in which my country has been applying a pioneering policy to ensure optimal use of water resources and fight floods and drought.
Both Japanese firms are member of the e8, an international nonprofit organization created after the 1992 Rio Summit.
Ten years ago, the Rio summit recognized the urgent need for all nations to respect and preserve the earth's natural resources while engaging in solutions that would create property for all.
Ten years after the Rio summit we are still far from ending the economic and environmental marginalisation that afflicts billions of people," Christopher Flavin, president of Washington's Worldwatch Institute says.
The Rio summit was a significant milestone that set a new agenda for sustainable development.
Curbing forest loss was a high priority at the 1992 Rio summit, but since then international negotiations to stop the ravaging of forests have generated only vague proposals and little government action.
However the Rio summit established Agenda 21, a series of targets for waste, water, forestry and farming industries which have been adopted by local authorities worldwide.