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removal of a circle of wool from around the prepuce at crutching time to reduce the chance of soiling with urine and subsequent cutaneous myiasis.

Patient discussion about ringing

Q. What causes high pitch ringing in one ear?

A. I never knew that about Iron. Thank you F3_4u

Q. Tinnitus (Ringing and Other Ear Noise) Anybody have this problem? Urrrrrrrrrrr, I think I want to shoot myself,you know what I mean. It is worst than the chinese torture. Someone, please send me a good tip how to stop it. I have this for 4 yrs and it is driving me crazy. You cannot enjoy total complete silence. They say silence is golden but not when you have this ringgi in your ears. It gets worst when there is no noise. The only remedy I have is eating hot spicy curry, it helps for 2-3 wks and then it comes back again and then eating spicy food again. Listening to classical music helps to. Oh well.....just have to suck it up.

A. I've read that lipoflavinoids can help.

Q. How do you wake up in the morning if your narcolepsy is so severe you can't hear the alarm clock, phone ring? biggest problem is sleep paralysis, can't wake up. Late for work, everything, life is suffering because of severity. Have tried ritalin, natural supplements, hypnosis therapy, Provigal, antidepressants, nothing seems to work. Employer thinks it's an excuse, friends are irritated, I'm at my wits end. Life is spent sleeping more than awake.

A. Narcolepsy cannot yet be cured. But EDS and cataplexy, the most disabling symptoms of the disorder, can be controlled in most patients with drug treatment. Often the treatment regimen is modified as symptoms change. For decades, doctors have used central nervous system stimulants-amphetamines such as methylphenidate, dextroamphetamine, methamphetamine, and pemoline-to alleviate EDS and reduce the incidence of sleep attacks. For most patients these medications are generally quite effective at reducing daytime drowsiness and improving levels of alertness. However, they are associated with a wide array of undesirable side effects so their use must be carefully monitored. Common side effects include irritability and nervousness, shakiness, disturbances in heart rhythm, stomach upset, nighttime sleep disruption, and anorexia. For full article: http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/narcolepsy/detail_narcolepsy.htm#120393201 Hope this helps.

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There should be no doubt that if a choice should ever be made between whether Reed College must go down or surrender academic freedom," the faculty ringingly declared during that debate, "the choice must and will be for it to go down.
As an industry, we must continue to make it clear that there are no compromises or shortcuts that will lead us to settle for anything less than the legal protections that were ringingly reaffirmed by the 9th circuit court just last week.
Their challenging love duet - high notes ringingly hit - and their trio with the Marschallin, some of Strauss's most sublime music, were immensely moving.
Madison, Marshall's most significant decision, and the one that occasioned the sharpest public reaction in his own time, was the ringingly nationalist McCulloch v.
His strong cast was headed by the slightly stentorian, but nonetheless ringingly vibrant tenor Mikhail Agatonov in the title role and the vocally ravishing soprano Adrianne Pieczonka as Queen Elizabeth.
As voiced with ringingly noble Irish-Anglo clarity by Liam Neeson, Aslan is prone--as a well-known wizard once said--to think deep thoughts.
Ringingly proclaiming this to be "the largest retail divestiture in Commission history," the agency required the firm to divest 144 stores--a mere 8% of the total number of stores (1796) being combined in the deal--with 40 of these being spun off to industry giant Kroger, and another three stores and an additional land site transferred to industry giant Safeway
The candidate, who just the previous week had (he thought) subliminally called Adam Clymer of the Times a "major league asshole," ringingly rejected the charge that the campaign had intentionally injected a "subliminable" [sic] message as "one of the more bizarre accusations" he'd heard in his long experience in politics, where "conspiracy theories abound.
The Tanner Lectures ringingly combine an ambitious insistence that statutory interpretation is important for the future of democracy (p.
Aboard the Nadir, as is ringingly foretold in the brochure, you will get to do "something you haven't done in a long, long time: Absolutely Nothing.
Despite the broad hints of previous decisions, all the justices, save Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, ringingly endorsed the concept of punitive damages, essentially agreeing that they were too integral a part of American law to be discarded.
That love-child Amelia's music was floatingly well-sustained by Hibla Gerzmava, and Russell Thomas sang as ringingly as Pavarotti (now that's saying something) in the role of her suitor Gabriele.