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9% SS, 5% GS or 30-60 min Ringer's lactate solution Gentamicin 50-200 mL of 5% GS 30-120 min Cefepime 50-100 mL of 0.
Each patient received 20ml/kg of Ringer's Lactate solution before the administration of spinal anaesthesia to prevent hypotension.
A comparative study of impact of infusion of Ringer's Lactate solution versus normal saline on acid-base balance and serum electrolytes during live related renal transplantation.
Ringer's lactate solution has been used as a supportive therapy to treat associated acidosis and electrolyte imbalance in calf diarrhoea (Walker et al.
Ringer's lactate solution from the internal tubings of the phaco machines were inoculated onto thyoglycolate broth and incubated at 37[degrees]C.
An 18 gauge intravenous (IV) cannula was placed in her left (non-dominant) arm, over the dorsum aspect of hand, at first attempt and 500 ml of Ringer's lactate solution given.
Each of the participants received subcutaneous injections simultaneously in both upper arms through 24-gauge catheters connected to 500-cc bags of Ringer's lactate solution hung from scales so that their weight could be monitored.
LONDON -- An adhesion-prevention solution made from 4% icodextrin significantly reduced the incidence of adhesions after gynecologic laparoscopic adhesiolysis, compared with Ringer's lactate solution, according to results of a multicenter, double-blind clinical trial.
If a patient is severly dehydrated or if ORS is not available, intravenous therapy with Ringer's lactate solution should be administered.
Group I (n=30) received Ringer's lactate solution 15 ml/kg as preload and group II (n=30) received Ringer's lactate solution 15 ml/kg as preload along with single prophylactic dose of ephedrine 10 mg intravenously.
The animal was administered with Ringer's Lactate solution, antibiotics (Intacef Tazo (a)), analgesics (Meloxicam (a)) and Calcium borogluconate intravenously, respectively.