Ring Fencing

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The British government's practice of limiting the monies it gives organisations (such as local strategic health authorities and hospitals) to designated purposes
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Osborne said: "In the jargon, we will "electrify the ring fence," adding that the Bank of England would be "the super cop" of Britain's financial system going forward.
Mr Osborne said the ring fence was not designed to end large, universal banking groups but to make them more "easily resolvable in a crisis".
The report stated that funding for children's centres is protected from cuts until 2013, but there is no information about Sure Start, early years services and childcare grants for the period after March 2011, when it is expected that the ring fence around children's centres funding will be removed.
Responding to EHR'S claims they failed to ring fence savers' money, an HBoS spokesman said: "The EHR directors knew that any request to ring fence Farepak customer monies was not serious on their part.
Ring-fence extra cash for Welsh health GIVEN that the UK Conservative government has announced additional NHS funding of PS10 billion a year above inflation by 2020, I call upon Ken Skates AM and Labour ministers in Wales to ring fence expected consequential funding for the health service in Wales.
The British government has said that it would offer some relaxations to the ring fence rule concerning banks.