Ring Electrode

A metal ring electrode on a bipolar lead, which usually serves as a bipolar pacemaker’s indifferent electrode
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During sensory study ring electrode were used over little finger where G1 placed over MCP joint and G2 3-4 cm distal to it and stimulation was given at medial aspect of wrist.
Experiment results compared to the results [2] lead to the conclusion that the mesh electrode configuration increases system efficiency compared with the ring electrode configuration.
Cr(III) was converted into Cr(VI) on gold ring electrode.
A planar interdigitated ring electrode array via dielectrophoresis for uniform patterning of cells.
During the cleaning process the wire is pulled through the armature and an arc burns between the wire and the ring electrode.
This setting can be used for resistance calculation of circular electrode and then also for ring electrode.
To make the sample ions enter the mass spectrometer scientists used the technology of electrodynamic ion funnel-a series of conductive, progressively smaller electric ring electrodes that efficiently pull in and focus more ions into the mass spectrometer than without the funnel.
Germany's University of Wuppertal has redesigned the electric cells used in MS by replacing ring electrodes with a cylindrical series, thereby reducing the crosstalk current.
For stimulation ring electrodes were fixed on second digit.