Ring Finger Domain

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A 40-to-60 residue zinc-finger domain macromolecular protein consensus sequence which contains a Cys3HisCys4 amino acid motif that binds two zinc cations, and mediates protein-protein interactions—e.g., with E2 enzyme. They are the specificity determinants for cellular ubiquination and associated with certain transcription factors—e.g., TIF1b, the PML-family, NFX1, XPRF
RING is an acronym for Really Interesting New Gene
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To transform the half-plane x <h with the exclusion of the hole (as shown in Figure 1) into the concentric ring domain (as shown in Figure 2), the transformation is given as
The conformal mapping function that transformed the half-plane x < h with the exclusion of the hole into the concentric ring domain can be solved by the two-step method proposed in this paper.
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Each cullin binds a RING domain protein, and a vast repertoire of adaptor/substrate receptor modules, collectively creating more than 200 distinct CRLs.
Inhibitors of apoptosis (IAP) proteins regulate cancer cell survival through their RING domain ubiquitin ligase activity.
Membrane-associated RING-CH (MARCH) proteins are RING E3s with a RINGCH domain that differs modestly from the classic RING domain (now termed RING-HC) in the identity of the fourth and fifth coordinating residues and the length of the peptide segments between the two (Figure 1, red ovals) [5].
MARCH5, also known as MITOL (mitochondrial ubiquitin ligase), has four transmembrane domains and is found in the mitochondrial outer membrane (MOM), with the RING domain exposed to the cytoplasm.
XIAP can augment p65-NF-[kappa]B nuclear translocation (22), and the E3 ubiquitin ligase function of the RING domain of XIAP is required for the activation of NF-[kappa]B (23).
The Neumann problem for analytic functions, more generally for the inhomogeneous Cauchy-Riemann equation and Poisson equation are investigated in a circular ring domain; the representations to the solutions and solvability conditions are given in an explicit form by Vaitekhovich [54-56].
The modulus of a ring domain and Dirichlet integrals.
In our opinion this is the result of the ordering heuristic used by Mathematica being more efficient over ring domains.